A day in the life-Written by My slave.

i am stark naked against the wall and Mistress is mashing Her thumb into my left nipple. She had pierced both nipples with a pair of needles in each and now She is watching for my reaction and enjoying my fear as She moves to press her thumb into my most sensitive right nipple. My cock is hard and i wonder, am i being sexually aroused by this pain? Just then i wake up and realize what was occurring was all in my head, just a dream. Yes, i am erect, not from arousal but from the intense need to urinate.
i rouse myself from the remains of the dream and attempt to get up but realize that i must first unfasten the heavy chain which tethers me to my place on the floor of my Mistress’ walk-in closet. This is where i sleep each and every night and where i will sleep each and every night for the rest of my life. Why? Because i am Her slave. i belong to Her and this is where She wants me to spend my nights. Not in the comfort of a bed as She does but someplace more in keeping with a place to store Her shoes, another piece of property.
i sleep naked as is Her Desire and the only thing on my body is the leather binding buckled and locked securely around my right ankle. i wear it day and night except for showering or swimming. i wear it to work beneath my slacks so that no matter where i go, i am always aware that i belong to Her. When i go to work i may not be in Her Presence but i am still in Her service. You see, i go to work for the sole purpose of earning a paycheck for Her use, not mine. It pays Her rent, buys Her food and drink, and whatever She wants or needs. It is Her choice whether i am allowed to own something new.
Speaking of owning, i own nothing. i don’t own the car or Harley i bought, i don’t own the clothes i wear, i don’t own privacy, i don’t own my body. All of these things i give enthusiastically to Her because in my view, a slave has no use for any possessions when his life’s focus is serving his Mistress. In becoming Her slave i give up my freedom. i become an instrument She can use to obtain pleasure according to Her Desires, not mine. In fact, as time has passed in Her service, even my thoughts are not always my own. All thoughts of sex are under her control. i can’t think a sexual thought without feeling Her influence on its source, my testicles. i am in constant chastity to Her except when She allows me the privilege of masturbating. Essentially, if it was Her Will, i might never be allowed to have an orgasm for the rest of my life. And i would Obey. Above all, i would Obey.
i signed a contract of consensual slavery in blood nine months ago. At that moment in time i became a possession, something less than i thought i was, but in the time i have served i have come to realize that i have actually become something more. my life has a meaning it never would have had were it not for my Mistress choosing me to be the one who would serve Her for the rest of my life. i am 20-some years older than my Mistress but age means nothing in O/our dynamic. The most important parts of this dynamic are values that should exist in every relationship, kink or vanilla: trust, honesty, respect, and love. Not sexual love, not romantic love, but the kind of love that makes a person like me willing to die for Her if she deems it necessary.
In Her home i serve Her slave naked. i call it “slave naked” to distinguish it from the type of nakedness that one associates with freedom. i am naked for Her pleasure and to remind me of my place as something less than a person. i am happiest when i am naked because i am also a canvas for my Mistress works of art. She has adorned my genitals and nipples with various piercings. my left thigh wears a scar in the shape of a Reiki protection symbol, the result of a scarification ritual in which Mistress claimed my body as Hers. It’s the kind of experience that brought U/us closer together. After the cutting W/we ate the skin She removed from my thigh.
Last night W/we did a session. She had me lay face up on a table and proceeded to insert two dozen needles of various gauges through the end of my penis, my scrotum, my nipples, and my toes. She is giddy with joy at the prospect of placing needles between my toes. i say “my” but i really mean “Hers”. She removes the needles roughly so that the holes bleed profusely and hurt as much coming out as going in. The pain is intense but i am in love with the rush. And most of all, i know that in my agony i am pleasing my Mistress, which is my ultimate purpose. She feeds me the clots of blood that collect around my genitals and even consumes some of them Herself. W/we are as One.
i can’t envision life without my Mistress. As much as i belong to Her, i receive something back every day i live in Her service. i experience love of a kind i have never experienced before. i serve without the expectation of reward because serving is its own reward. i am a faithful dog waiting at my Mistress feet for the chance to please Her. A pat on the head is as much as i can look forward to receiving but i don’t live for it. And like the dog i am occasionally allowed to sleep on the floor at the foot of Her bed, obedient, loyal, and devoted. There is no greater honor than to be able to live and die in the service of this Woman who i love with all my heart and soul, this heart and soul which now belong to Her always and forever.


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