…this bottle.

Will I ever know?
Did you make me leave;
maybe I just had to go.
Maybe it was all just too much
for either of us to have to feel.

Did it happen there?
Maybe it was here?
Was it out of love?
Or was it out of fear?

Love that took over the world,
the same love that would make me act like a little girl,
kicking and screaming,
asleep but not dreaming.
Both with a passion for running from our demons,
I’ve found a safe hole to hide in.
Just too bad I’d already been.
A place I’m welcome to wallow,
here in the bottom of this bottle.


Mother Dearest

I just can’t please her.
I’m suffering from seizures.
It’s pointless, to bother to fight,
when I have to sleep outside at night.

A roof over my head,
but I’d have to share his bed.
At this point I can’t even lie,
because I wish I could just die.

That one time was awfully close;
She’d thought I overdosed.
This has to be some kind of joke…
Can’t this family take a vote?

She talked me into leaving,
then left no time for grieving.
That one was supposed to last,
how was it over so fast?

She’s never been one to give out hugs.
Just one more reason I chose drugs.
Giving out a false sense of security,
and all just so she can continue to hurt me.