A little deeper…

I’m one of those crazy, mad, tattooed chicks…the business does that to you…

I’ve seen a lot in my 35 years. My career has allowed me to travel extensively.

I’d like to think of my space here being like a padded cell. A place I can go and emotionally vomit without consequences.

Some of what I’ll post will be about me. Personal shit, like my therapy, my intimate relationships and that I prefer to associate with seniors, since most people my own age have no real appreciation for life.

Some will be my writing, painting, tattooing, body modification, piercing, suspension, consensual torture, corporeal punishment, and canibalism…I’m also a Professional Dominatrix. So, there will be some stories that include the BDSM lifestyle.

More than anything, I want this to be a space I can exist without censorship, without judgement, without consequence.

…of course, that’s not to say that I won’t stray from those subjects too…

St. Mary


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