sometimes it just comes to you, opportunities that are meant for you to take.
When the sun blinds you into thinking with your bottle you end up in trouble, disappointing friends, letting yourself down.
regaining the self I lost a while ago, getting back into touch with my soul.
and they all think Im stupid…
even you…
I would have to be brain dead to have not seen all of that coming.
did they all forget that I have been there and seen all the scenery?
I practically wrote the script for their plans.
BITCHES! all of them…
and I still carry a torch for him, that poor lost soul.
he doesn’t see his potential to be my savior as I can be his.
accident? I dont believe in them, its all underlying intentions gone bad.
wake up early, get shit done, drink too much, smoke not enough.
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.